Desoldering help!!!

I am a beginner at soldering and when I tinted my iron I didnt let my solder dry and put an accidental solder bead on the circuit board.I cannot get a vaccum or desoldering braid how can i get the solder off??

iceng6 years ago
Hold the PCB vertically on a rough table, make sure the solder blob is the
closet to the table.
Now heat that blob as much as your iron can and raise the board 3" or 4"
and rap it smartly on that table.
That should remove 92% of your solder.
I actually some times add more solder to the blob so it is easy to heat, has
more mass and is a nice round ball with surface tension helping pull at
that solder on impact.

Hoping this works best for you as an answer :-)


Do you have some speaker wire or something of the same type? you might be able to bunch some together and heat that up as a replacement desoldering braid.
crazyJ113 (author)  furrysalamander6 years ago
what could I scavenge some from??
any cables that carry data I would believe