Desperately in need of drive belt for Delta 10" sidekick mitre saw 36-090

I have a Delta 10" sidekick mitre saw 36-090 and i need according to parts manual the bulk belt no.163. I've tried everything ebay, internet etc. where can i get one?

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rickharris6 months ago

Sigh, No one says thanks for your effort.

rickharris6 months ago

Wow! Nice find. Page B. It is part number 163 in that diagram too.

Maybe a large rubber band would work?

OP begins his query with the word, "Desperately", yet I wonder at the magnitude of this desperation. Maybe it is not yet so dire as to consider looking for parts in the office supply aisle?

Or making a temporary belt out of rope, or shoelaces?

Or simple go to the next bearing wholesale shop and have one made to fit for a few bucks...

I am not familiar with "bearing wholesale shop", but it sounds like it would be a good place to go to get my bearings.


And they make bespoke belts too? Impressive!

Well, might be an Aussie thing then :(
Here our bearing shops are the milk bar of things.
Special tools, nuts and bolts, oils, bearing, compressor stuff - and well, belts...
All they want from me is thicknes, general shape and original length, in return I get a matching belt.

In seriousness, I have never been to store in my home country, the FUS, that could make a belt, like for a machine. The FUS seems to have "hardware stores" and "auto parts stores". Those are the main two.

I guess I have also been inside an "appliance parts store", but that was years ago, maybe pre-internet. Even then that store was just kind of a frontend, or local office, of a much larger company. Most of the parts anyone would want, were not actually stocked in the store. You would have to go to the store, and then sort of pick one out of a catalog, and then have the clerk order it for you, and in some number of days it would arrive at the store to be picked up.

That kind of shopping might be a thing of the past now.

However, I think what I was trying to say is that, for the most part, the employees of the "hardware stores" and "auto parts stores", are people who lack creativity. Especially at these big-box hardware stores, places like, Lowes(r) and HomeDepot(r), everyone working there seems to have a kind of false confidence in the apparently wide selection of stuff for sale there.

Sort of like, they think they have everything. Or said another way, if they don't have it, then that means you don't truly need it. I mean, no reasonable, normal customer, would need one of that thing.

Noticed that problem with big stores too :(
Back in that day you bought a pressure cooker and when you needed a new seal you went back to the store for it.
Then they started the "we have to order it" thing to make you wait a few weeks - and pay extra.
Now all you get is "sorry but we have this model that you can buy....".
Finding a store that is not online only and that can sell you vital spare parts is becoming like the hunt for the Loch Ness monster (although I quite like Nessie!).
I think it is a problem of modern life and culture.
I mean there are people who can use a tig welder to create artwork, but ask them to get the fire ready in your campsite and they are lost.
Same for simply assuming a repair is possible and a viable option.
Seems people only bother to repairs their cars these day but no longer electronics, mechanical things or just a worn out screw thread....
Worse when it comes to machines, ask for the reair of one motor drive (usually just a mosfet) and all you can get is a replacement circuit board costing a few hundred bucks.....

Dang! The link got broken. "find one's bearings" It's an idiom... I think I screwed up the timing for this joke.

Good comedy is all about.........Timing! However, I thought it was funny.

Knicker elastic!

Yeah, maybe. Or hosiery. I guess I have heard of that one too; i.e a road trip saved by an improvised fan belt made out of nylon pantyhose (called "sheer tights" in the UK, according to Wikipedia).

Actually, this reminds me of a legend, about pantyhose, that I suspect is true.

The way the story goes, the first, the original, nylon pantyhose were so strong, durable and long lasting, that this was bad for repeated sales.

To correct this problem, the formula for the nylon used for pantyhose was intentionally adulterated with something to make it the material weaker, so it was easier to poke holes in it, and it would wear more quickly, so as to produce a product with a much shorter lifetime. Sorry I do not have a specific link for this story.