Deter squirrels??

How do I keep the tree rats from tasting ALL my produce in the garden-I'm ready to go buy a gun! Already tried the hot sauce, pappers,etc.They liked it-more flavor, I guess. Do I need to build a fence-if so, how?

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CAbeachguy7 years ago
I have a log cabin and the tree rats like to sharpen their teeth on the ends of the logs of my house. Doesn't make for great resale value.

First I put a couple of large rat traps with peanut butter right by where they were chewing. They ignored them.

Then I bought a few 6 foot long rubber snakes. They nibbled away at the tails of the snakes. Then I bought the large plastic owl with the head that moves and bobs in the breeze. They ignored that also. I went and bought a $125 competition target pellet rifle. That just kind of pissed them off.

Finally, I spent $120 on a .22 cal rifle with a 10 slug magazine and a scope. Takes care of them nicely. They breed so fast that I have to off them all in the late spring, then again in mid summer and then again in late fall.

They are rats, so there really doesn't seem to be a permanent cure for ridding them short of cutting down all the trees in my yard.
P.A.Beard8 years ago
My mum also had problems with Squirrels pulling up her bulbs I told her to spread black pepper over the plants and the soil and there is no more squirrels
J@50n8 years ago
A good idea would be to take a long piece of chicken wire (really cheap) and fence around it! if they climb over put a easily removable net top on top of the chicken wire (also cheap)! GOOD luck
scgirl (author)  J@50n8 years ago
Tried that-and the scarecrows and the plastic owl and the hanging CD's-I think I need a gun-I hate tree rats! I have other animals(pets) so can't use poisin-too much risk of secondary kill -if anyone has an idea that might work, I will be eternally grateful! (my cat is worthless-she lies on the deck and watches the rascals scamper away with my best biggest produce!)
solidacid8 years ago
i heard cinnamon works well but i never tried it.