Device to shut down LOUD car audio thumpers??

some of the "musick" is more than irritating, it is obscene and can stop a pacemaker. How can the public defeat the electronics by remote?

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DonA31 year ago

Have you ever heard the sounds of a child learning to play a violin? It has got to be the worst and most obnoxious sound on the planet... It rates right up there with Boom box obscenities in traffic and those equally misguided idiots that think they should take their sound systems to the outdoors with them so they can impress nature.....

The cure.... is simple, though costly.... all you have to do is research "hypersonic" and or "parametric" speaker systems.... This is a technology that produces extremely directional sound in fact the sound does not form until it hits a target.... then broadcast the sounds of your choice to the offender.... show them what "invading other peoples space" is all about... it works extremely well...

This technology is what is being used as acoustic weapons for crowd control... and it can actually induce nausea and extreme pain - not to mention the satisfaction of seeing the offenders get the same expressions we get when we have to hear their crap in our space....

Just a thought.... ...

countable7 years ago
You do realise that anything that is specifically designed to disrupt electronic hardware, by means of transmitting energy is illegal under the FCC legislation. tl;dr its a felony so don't do it.

Thanks,no one knew that...... Always one of these guys in every thread on this subject!!

theXmaker6 years ago
I'll Give You The Simplest solution!!:
-some cottons (You can find them online!:P)
-A Door And Some Windows... (You can find them in your house if you're lucky:P)
-Knowledge Of Some "bad words" like "shut the f*** up!.. or F... u SOB:P:P" (It Depends On You!!... as Celine Dion Sais)

After hearing that "musick",
1- you gonna stay in one room!!! Don't Move Out!!
2-Go throught the door and the windows FIRMLY!!!
Now If You Still hear the noise... Go, open the windows, throw your "best words"!!!, Then repeat it From Step 1!!
Good Luck!!!!
PS: If None of these worked...All you have to do if wear your clothes, handle some great "deffensive wepons"(optional!), And go down and... you know what to do!!...
Good Luck Another Time!!!!! :P:P:P
Super great question! Our city let a club open up down the street (about 4 blocks) from us, and right next to a 24 hr daycare! So our weekends and Thursdays are spent trying to ignore the thumping of our walls and vibrating of our glass...and then there's the traffic going to and from the club...yowzers :O We have a 50 ft ordinance for cars but the police force here is already underpaid and understaffed :(
Where Do You Live??
morgaman6 years ago
i actually heard about a guy in germany who took the magnetron out of a microwave and attached it to a satellite t.v. dish to amplify the waves. shooting the concentrated waves at the trunk of the offending thumper car could cause the speakers to explode. the guy was ultimately arrested after he missed and hit the driver ( basically starting to cook him)
NachoMahma7 years ago
. A police officer - most areas have noise ordinances.
Even if underpaid and overworked, they have a job to do. Keep complaining. In our town, 3 'clubs' have been shut down for noise ordinances. Thumper cars have rules too. Get the plates, and call them in. They can't ignore repeat complaints. Note, if the complaints are unfounded, you can get in trouble.
purduecer7 years ago
This oughta do the trick (just don't throw the switch labeled "macarena" ;-)
LOL heheheh...
500 tonne concrete block, suspended above the roadway by a crane. Attach a simple servo to a quick release mechanism. Wire a radio-control circuit to the servo. Obtain a radio remote and trigger the mechanism when the thumper is passing by. Sorry, I have been watching looney toons... I don't know of anything that might help except maybe an electromagnetic pulse, but if you were to develop a practical way of generating one of those without killing half the neighborhood... DARPA is going to lock you in a bunker until you weaponize it.
LOL heheheh...
seudo4117 years ago
Well If its a repeat offender. run his plates find out where he lives. install a relay on his battery wire. add a RF receiver. place and RF beacon outside your window. so as soon as he comes into range his car dies.... or you could make it remote controlled just one button to kill it.

Or check these out. http://www.spudfiles.com/ look under the hybrid section.