Did the today views "resetter" fall asleep at the key board thingee?

Self explanatory, I believe...maybe some body knows the answer?  Maybe there is another place to put this question...I don't know...

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... which of course broke totally different stuff they haven't found yet. Such is the life of any programmer.
Only the ones who don't design properly.
I love all these "psychic" comments. ;-)

We all know at Noon, what Kiteman says at 4:33pm (later this afternoon)...
I think it's 13:19 over your way right now...
Yes it it. It's now 1:23pm (or 13:23)
But you're still down my comment list, below posts made several hundred negative minutes ago.
Correct. Your timestamp is accurate now, but at the start of this thread, you showed up as 4:33pm PST (currently its only 1:40pm PST).
Hang on, I'm seeing YOUR time as my time ?
What time is it SUPPOSED to show in my browser ? My time (UTC+1) or yours (UTC+8 ?)
For continuity of this website, it was my understanding that all the servers were on Pacific Standard Time (PST), because that's where Instructables is (San Francisco). The only reason I'm on the same time, is because I'm in the same time zone (just north in Vancouver). So anyone here should see PST for the time.
When Kiteman started this thread it was in fact a negative time (because he posted a few hours ahead of the current time, using PST (or UTC+8?), after that, his times were synced with PST.

(I hope that makes sense?)
I'm posting from East Anglia - the time-lag is measured in decades.
the time-lag is measured in decades.
....and often by very close relatives

I sense that someone light years away has also just posted... in 2178 it'll appear here. ;)
Or when the "design" is done by a relatively large group, accreting code over time.
Kiteman5 years ago
They fixed some stuff, which broke some other stuff, but now they've fixed the other stuff as well.
Creativeman (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
My sign in is, well not broken, but the only way I can log on, on this computer, is to click the facebook log in icon...I know when I submit an instructable, if I am logged in via fb, that instructable shows up on my fb page.....what else happens? thank you for your enlightenment, sir, you are indeed an asset to this site...and others, as well, I hope...