Difference between Router and Drill?

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hifatpeople2 months ago

A drill moves up and down, plunging into the material. A router moves horizontally and cuts a path within (or along the edge of) the material. A drill should not have horizontal forces applied to it, and a router doesn't make a good drill.

That said, like Vyger suggests, this is a question that should have been Googled first.

matthewgal (author)  hifatpeople2 months ago


And you can't use a regular drill bit in a router. A router also spins way faster, and according to the Youtube videos that I watch, they are extremely loud!

Toga_Dan2 months ago


iceng2 months ago

With your woodwork I'm surprised..

A drill is variable speed with a penetrating (Hole) sinking bit and a universal series motor if corded or a PWM DC motor if portable..

A router is a high speed linear edging shape pattern electric tool that could be an AC brush motor or better a two pole induction machine...

matthewgal (author)  iceng2 months ago


Vyger2 months ago

Google is your friend, try it.