Different grinders of the Dremel. What to use?

I use a dremel-clone. It has a set of grinders of three colors: blue, red-orange, and pink, the three in the same set.

I can't see differences in hardness, but it must be differents, so...

Can you help me in what color use in which task?

Thank for your time!

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infob (author) 5 years ago
I'm sorry about not google-search the grinders.
I did not do it because I have no names for the materials... but I could see the colors in a graphical search. Sorry.

It looks like green/grey/blue has the most hardness, and pink is the finest.
Orange looks the all-terrain one, good for steel, but not suitable for aluminum.

Thanks to all.
canucksgirl5 years ago
It looks like the pieces have different grit. The darkest one looks like a rougher grit, where the orange might be a medium grit and the pink looks like a finer grit.

I would google the brand name you're using, and look at the company's website for replacement parts, they should tell you (based on color etc), what the difference is.
jeasterl5 years ago
pink and orange is aluminum oxide used for cutting and shaping hard metals: iron, steel tool steel ect
the other green or bluish green is silicone carbide i think, used for stone glass and sometimes softer metals like aluminum or soft brass and copper

seems silly but aluminum oxide is the same material as rubies one of the hardest natural materials
watch your speeds and materials ( neither will sharpen tungsten carbide you need diamond for that)

knife1415 years ago
If this is a clone, a google search probably wont be much help, and if the stones are a Chinese import, the colors may not mean anything. Just pick the grinding stone that matches the size you need, and be sure to wear eye protection.
infob (author)  knife1415 years ago
Very good observation about chinese import colors. The color may be a missdirection to simulate variety. Thanks.
katala infob5 years ago
Yes. If its not a Dremel or a similar brand, you can't be sure what it does.

I'd take a piece of scrap metal and try it out. Then you know for sure what it does, and don't take the colors to mean anything until proven.
The green one is "Green grit" which is a special kind of abrasive for tungsten carbide. The pink is a common grit for steel tool sharpening.