Dig a hole in the ground. Compost in hole. Bugs in hole. Lid on top of hole. Hassle free Compost bin?

I was walking down the street, Gandering at my fellow human beings flower gardens and I noticed one of them had a garbage lid on the ground. I went to pick it up and noticed that underneath there was a hole in the ground with compost and bugs doing there work. I thought hmm.. BRILLIANT! I might be rambling, but I was just wondering... Why havent I heard of this before. Is it a good idea?will it work?

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KittyF7 years ago
I've heard of using a plastic garbage can with holes drilled or punched into it and the lid to help keep out animals. the holes allow the exchange of moisture, worms and air through the compost. It's slower than an above ground compost heap but has the advantage that being in the ground it may work slowly all winter. I think I might have read about it in an article in a gardening mag or Mother Earth news.
orksecurity8 years ago
For what it's worth, some old houses had something like this. In my area, the fancy version was apparently a short well with a step-on-lever-to-open lid -- for disposal of organics. Of course that was purely disposal; nobody ever dug them up, and I have the impression that this was used purely for things that _couldn't_ be composted but that soil organisms would get rid of eventually.
orksecurity8 years ago
Hm. Thanks, Sean. I currently have my kitchen composter sitting under my chestnut tree -- and while, frankly, it's big enough that almost any part of the yard will be over its roots, I suspect that I may want to move it a bit further away just in the interests of keeping the rest of the root system healthy.

(The main compost pile's at the far end of the yard, which is why I wanted a secondary one closer to the back door -- I didn't want to trudge that far in midwinter.)
jtp1398 years ago
i've heard of similar things like the dog waste decomposer. same idea. it's a good idea because it's out of the way but seem like a lot of work to dig a hole that deep.
kevinhannan8 years ago
only that you have to dig deep to get the compost out, might not work for a lot of folks...