Digital Taste Interface?

Hello Instructables. I had a question for my newest project. I am looking to make a Digital taste interface with Arduino like this The video says that the current needs to be altered between the range of 10 and 140 microamps. I have bought a 10k and 100k digital potentiometer, as this was my first idea. Does anyone have a better idea as to control current at ranges that low? 

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rickharris1 year ago

1. NEVER run anything connected to a human body from the mains NOT even using a power supply.

2. The direct output of the standard pins on an Arduino is up to 20 Ma so you could reduce that using a potential divider.

3 If you need to use a current limited supply

You will need to do some experimentation with values to get your required supply.

headslant (author)  rickharris1 year ago

Well I was going to use a laptop (on battery), connected to arduino, connected to a digital pot, connected to a button, so that the user could control the current from a hardware level. As for changing the voltage, I was going to use arduino PWM, with a R/C filter to remove the pwm waveform.

What did you mean when you said.

"You will need to do some experimentation with values to get your required supply."

Is there something wrong with using a laptop/Arduino voltage regulator?

It will not need much voltage at all - Try a 9 volt battery on your tongue before you go too much further Although some people will stand it personally i find the experience unpleasant.

You need to regulate the current to very low amounts, far below what is usual for electronic ccts. So I guess your going to have to play a little with some of the ccts I linked to to get what you want.

CURRENT regulation not Voltage.

headslant (author)  rickharris1 year ago

Are there any IC chips out there That can do this?

headslant (author)  headslant1 year ago

i mean act as digital adjustable current limiter? Preferably one that has a library for arduino?

may help - Really you can google as well as me.

As a youngster I tried to make an electronic popsicle Ha ha.

Butt it didn't all go to waste, With a multitude of experiments, which may account for my geographic tongue, I can discern between AC DC and 2v to 12v. Great for checking 9v battery status...

Can't do the 9 volt battery on my tongue YUCK!

rickharris1 year ago

Just as a passing comment taste, and smell are based on the shapes of various molecules given off by things. Essentially all smell is particulate in nature. Something to think about the next time you can smell Poo.

I guess the nerves transform the stimulation into an electrical signal and that can be stimulated directly - the voltage and current will be minute.

iceng1 year ago

So taste will be defined as how easily current flows through a hydro-carbon ??

headslant (author)  iceng1 year ago

I don't really know. I saw it on the internet, wasn't sure if it would actually work, and then (will) try to duplicate it.

headslant (author)  headslant1 year ago

As well as thermal stimulation, i bought a peltier module as well to coolheat the mouth.