Dimensions of a Xacto knife(the handle part)?

Can some one let me know the dimensions of the handle of the xacto knife? & what material is it made up of?(my guess is aluminium)
Well i live in india they are not available here,only way to get them is by importing them(which makes them hell lot costlier).
I have a couple of surgical blades and handles that i usually use for my need's but the handle of the surgical blade is a bit flimsy for heavy work's.
I am hoping to make a couple of handles with the help of a Lathe(and some other tools) , which should last a good period of time.I intenf to use the surgical blade with the xacto handle(surgical blade no 11)

Picture of Dimensions of a Xacto knife(the handle part)?
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rickharris4 years ago
Something like this Material aluminium - Dimensions to suite the blade you have and you hand
craft knife.jpg
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  rickharris4 years ago
Can you please let me know the diameter of the handle(in mm just an approx value) , the total length and some detailed pic's of the collet part (seem's a bit like pin vice).The reason i ask for dimension's is coz i have to order the aluminium rod's according to the dimension's.
the pic is of the blade i plan to use.
no 11 blade.jpg
RavensCraft4 years ago
There are different sizes of handle/chuck based on blade size.

Knife length including chuck is about 120mm.

Small handle is about 8mm diameter.
Medium handle is about 12mm diameter.
There are also large handles that look like a screw driver handle.

Do a Google patent search for "Sundel Doniger" 
and you will see how the chuck works.
Plus it will give you some ideas.
He was the inventor of this type of knife.
Well I am a Indian too,I make my own wooden handle.
Well, simply saying i am trying to make a metal version as it should last me a long time hopefully.I did gave a thought to make a wooden handle but it wouldnot last as long as i intend it.
then my next instruct-able will be on it
Well i would surely like to see your version............For me making something by turning metal is alway's fun.If i am able to nail a good enough version then i will too post a version of mine.
Have fun
Why wouldn't a wooden handle last as long as you intend it too. If taken care of properly the tool and handle can last hundreds of years.
Well i intend to put the handle through a lot of force(circumstances where the wooden handle would break easily)eg:-cutting through a thick plastic,sometimes heating the blade & using it as a improvised hot knife.I already have handles for scalpel's but they won't handle the pressure(might even break,which is not a good thing considering how sharp these blades are).So thought making self made xacto handles to fit the surgical blades would be a good idea.
You can see in the below image the part which hold's the blades is too thin(seem's like they will break any second under force)
11 and handle.jpg
As long as the blade fits and it's comfortable in your hand do the dimensions rally matter. And yes they are made from fairly cheap aluminum. Personally i'd prefer a good wood handle attached to the aluminum clamp that holds the blade.