Discussions pane?

What governs if comments appear in your discussions pane - I have been watching but can't see a pattern - Not all comments appear there are they only replies to my comments??

kelseymh6 years ago
Only comments which are direct replies to you show up in that tab.

That is different from the e-mail notifications you get, where any comment anywhere down a thread shows up.
frollard6 years ago
I use the discussions pane to see if anyone has replied to anything I've done. If I comment and someone replies, it shows up there, and I can quickly reply. I even have a shortcut to the 'comments' section in my quick menu at the top because it's the first thing I check.
caarntedd6 years ago
I have never really looked until I read your question, and it seems that "discussions" contains all answers to your questions, orangeboard comments, comments on your forum topics, comments on your 'ibles, etc, but not comments on other members' comments. I haven't posted an instructable yet, (funny, I make, build and fix alot of stuff) so I'm not 100% sure.
sidenote: tsk tsk! It's time to post something then!