Distinguishing laser colors?

Do you know of a way to distinguish colors in laser diodes?The method has to be doable without turning the diode on.

Picture of Distinguishing laser colors?
Most laser diodes you will see in that photo you have are going to be either Red or Infrared. Unfortunately there is no way to determine if it is infrared or red without turning it on. Even turning it on is somewhat sketchy since infrared is invisible to the human eye. Green lasers don't come in diodes. They come in modules that will be larger than that little diode you see now. The industry does not favor making those cases for lasers of other colors.
Derin (author)  splitreaction8 years ago
Thanks for telling me.I'll try turning my two diodes on while wearing ir-proof goggles and seeing which one is red.
dombeef8 years ago
What do you mean?