Diy solar panels

I saw the has simple solar panel instructions, but it is an expensive book. I did not see his dvd series on youtube, but if you can find that that seems easiest for me. If there is something close enough online free I will appreciate those links also. THANKS

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What aspect do you want to learn about? How to put together your own panel from individual solar cells? How to create an array of panels? How to put together the batteries, charging circuits, and inverter to use the solar energy?

All the information you want can be found for free online and most of it is covered in various instructables.
jbaker22 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
I would like to know how to make efficient cells cheaply. The guy said he just got stuff from the hardware store to power his home under 100 bucks.
I looked at the site. He is full of it. What he isn't saying is all the work he had to go through to get the government subsidies, that, in the end made the bill for the system less then $100. The batteries for a decent solar power setup will cost you more then $100 alone. There is a good reason for why the solar power kits cost as much as they do.

Its true you can save a good bit of money piecing a solar power system together yourself rather then buying a kit. But there is allot of hard work and know how needed to make it happen. You have to buy individual cells and then put them together into the panels you need. Then you need a good charge system to manage the power from the panels and charge the batteries. Then you need a good inverter that will take the 12V from your battery bank and jump it up to the 120VAC you'll need. In the end it may be worth a few hundred bucks more to get an easy to install kit.

This guy is a scam artist. He probably has allot of good information but its not worth paying for his system. For as much as he harps on how you are being ripped off by the government and power companies. Yet he's ripping you off charging you $50 for information that is readily available here. The key to setting up an affordable solar power system is learning what subsidies and grants are available and taking advantage of them. There is a very big push for going green and allot of money out there available to help you pay for it. its just a matter of learning how to get that money.

jbaker22 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Okay thanks, I was hoping thought that I could see what the scam artist has to say that he did to make it "cost so much less," and wanted to see his dvd series online.
jbaker22 (author)  jbaker225 years ago
I was looking for an efficient panel from scratch like this
jbaker22 (author)  jbaker225 years ago
This shows he didn't spend that little.
Not that you can call them efficient but you don't get much better then today's current silicone solar cells. That home made cell is even less efficient then the cheapest of silicon sells.
But what makes it a scam is that he expects you to pay for the information (which is how he makes his money!). If he gave it to you for free, it would still be fake, but it wouldn't be a scam, would it?
Notice how he never shows you his setup. There isn't even the illusion of proof that he has actually done anything he talks about in that video.
This listing and the list of related instructables on the right hand side of the page will pretty much cover most of what that $50 system will as far as putting together your own system.
suzyframe5 years ago
This is so great! Thanks for sharing this information about how to make your own solar panel kits! I think it is awesome that you have shared this wonderful information! Can you tell me where I can find more?
lizhur5 years ago
What do you want to know?
Re-design5 years ago
Gee, that guy is sure long winded.

I'm thoroughly familiar with all the contents of most of the hardware stores in my area and I can guarantee you that there is not all of the equipment needed to generate green power in amounts to sell back to the electrical grid.

I get the same feel from his site and claims as I get from some of the ads on late night TV.  It's mainly extreme exageration and even outright lies.

In his ad spiel he claims that for less than $200 he built solar cells, purchased batteries and built a wind charger all powerful enough to generate enough electricity that his electric co. had to pay him back.  If you buy the book (on sale now for $50) and can duplicate this, I'll PAY FOR YOUR BOOK. 

If this was possible and 102,000 people were doing it then some of them would be creating web sites and telling everyone how to do it also.  Once the information is out there, there is no way to contain it.  I just don't think it's possible. 

It's the same thing as the car the burns only water, or the magnet that doubles mileage,  Loose weight while eating 5,000 calories and no exercise, double your money every day in the stock market. 
jbaker22 (author)  Re-design5 years ago
I found free downloads of the book, but I don't know what is legal in the USA.