Do Imaginary friends really exist?

Most people (mainly mothers) think that imaginary friends are something to do with loneliness or depression but are they real? do they really exist? Is it really something wrong in our heads that cause it? Can you help me answer my question? Thanks -Cherish

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khill186 years ago
One very thought provoking thing is the word scientist is actually *Satanist* in Latin. :o Look it up then tell me I am wrong but first make sure you tell me I am wrong showing the proof! :)

Just search: Science means Satanist in Latin and there are interesting points :)

The only things science can prove is in a lab such as laws of physics and not things like Global Warming which is not at all scientific or what the inside of the earth really looks like. It's all just guesses and none of it is *settled*.
khill186 years ago
What if there are a different range of realities?

No, really! Think about it. We have the metric systemearthquake scales and even solar flare scales to measure activity within the sun despite the fact we have never physically been to the sun itself so what if there are different levels of reality and these imaginary friends are in one of them?

As a child they are not fully repressed into society's dogmatic rules and laws (which in reality only make smart criminals take riskier moves to evade the cops and only locks up dumb criminals who are too stupid to be in society in the first place) so their creative juice is flowing *pretty fast*.

Not including past lives which is a whole different can of worms.

Just food 4 thought. :) I hope I added enough flavor and salt to the food. Tell me if the food is too dry.
chirstino6 years ago
When we come to the such type of discussion like imaginary friend existence, I would surely like to switch on a question What is schizophrenia? Well It is a very serious psychiatric illness or one can say psychotic disorder, which means that the person often has a difficult time distinguishing between what is real and what is imagined.
LoneWolf7 years ago

They can sometimes be associated with loneliness or depression, but not always.

They are not real, though they seem very realistic to the child that "made" them. The only way they could actually be "real" is if the imaginary friend is some sort of panoramal manifestation...though that's extremely unlikely.

I am Silas.8 years ago
No Way, imanginary "friends" do not exist, Never did, Never will.
seandogue8 years ago
Hi Cherish, I had an imaginary friend until I was almost seven. Then he left...I guess i had too much other stuff to do and he got bored and took off for Hawaii or somewhere more fun...maybe another kid with too much creativity or something. We all need to have someone that understands exactly how we feel, agrees with our ideas and perceptions and an imaginary friend is a perfect choice when that person doesn't exist in the "real" world. I think you'll find that as time goes by, as your fears lessen with age and experience, that your need for her (or him?) will diminish. It's nothing to be sad about, just a part of life and growing. as was said below, some of the issue is about how we interact with people at large. Kinda like picking your nose...Everyone does it, but it's not considered socially acceptable to do it in public...Same goes for imaginary friends....they're our private way to clear our minds of confusion or to bounce ideas off when no one is there in the real world to do it with. As you grow out out the shyness/fears I think you'll find that there are real people boys and girls who will do the same for you..Maybe not as exactly as your special friend, but enough that your friend will be free to take a vacation or find another person who needs their attention like mine did so long ago. Your mom worries about you. Mom's do that you know. They want us to be happy and healthy, and sometimes they push us in ways that we don't find all that comfortable. So maybe you can help her too. Next time you have a question about boys, or need someone to talk to about a worry or if you're sad, include your mom instead of your special friend. She was a kid once too, you know, and she might just have learned something way back when, that she can teach you if you let her. best wishes
babieCherish (author)  seandogue8 years ago
thankz seandogue ur a big help =D

- Cherish
Imaginary friends are pretend characters often created by children.they can seem very real to the creator.There can be many reasons why some people do have the.But having one doesnt mean you have something wrong with your head or if you have depression. It if perfectly normal to have an imaginary friend.

I never had one, probably because i wasnt that imaginative when i was a wee bit younger. =(
PS just don't freak her out with TMI! go's get freaked by too much info. :)
kevinhannan8 years ago
Yes, absolutely everything to do with your imagination is real, but perhaps not real in the sense you might be thinking. It is real in that it is a collection of chemicals acting in a ceretain way, and can be manipulated by the presence and/or absence of other chemicals. Additionally, your imagination can impact on yuor behaviour in a very real way, affecting others, too. So yes it is real, as real as you want it to be. Is it wrong? No, it's not wrong, it is simply not socially acceptable in our western socieities; there are tribes where it has been documented that those tribespeople who appear to have multiple personalities are gifted in siome way. As long as they continue to behave in the way that is acceptabel to their society then they are revered, otherwise it is common for them to be prescribed dangerous natural drugs and/or a hole in the head operation to let the spirits escape. So it is real, and it's only wrong if society says its wrong. btw I imagine imaginary friends could be a whole lot better than 'real' friends.
***YAY*** you used a 'u' in behaviour!

best answer.
lol! UK english rules!
We just spell more ecounoumicaully here in the .S.. ;)
I point you to the joke where you start changing all the inefficiencies of english into their phonetic counterparts - and you're left with german.
lol. English, the great phoneme thief (I say it with pride, btw...I may be American,. but we do, after all, speak a variant on the "mum" language)..although in proper form I'll retract that and say that English "borrowed them" I never really examined why we started tossing the extra "u's this side of the "pond"...simple child-process petulance?
I'm Canadian - and we still use them. Still not sure why we put an 'i' in tyre.
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I like its use for COMMON measurements, but it only takes a generation or two to breed in 'common' use of metric. 6 of one, half a foot of the other.
In a nutshell, yes. Specifically, Noah Webster's child process petulance:
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lol...I guess so then. (it does seem more economical)

thanks for the history lesson :)
babieCherish (author)  kevinhannan8 years ago
Hey guys/gals (just to settle that girls aint guys =D lol) thanks for all yah comments and replies.

My little sister sammy (short for samantha) said she cant see her imaginary friend and i was like what? and she was like "I dont have a imaginary friend" and then i said ohhh. She was wunderin if she was 'broken' (her word not mine) an so i posted, our mum is very 'psycological' (ish) an she relates everythin tah depression or somethin emotional which is totally irrelavent to most things we ask her....

so anywho thanks for your answers.

P.S this is a reply to every reply except for those ones that are about grammer
Please tell Sammy that she is in no way "broken" or anything like that. We each have very different imaginations with different things in them (or not in them), and that's part of what makes imagination fun. I didn't have an imaginary friend when I was little, and I turned out pretty much all right, so Sammy's probably going to be okay on that account. My first thought on reading about your Mom's being "psychological" (-ish) is that you two must not be giving her enough real trouble: When I was 13, I got my mom called in to talk to the school counselor because I insisted on taking metalshop, which girls weren't supposed to back in 1975; and because the Yearbook teacher cought me trying to fix a typewriter he'd told me not to try to fix, but which we needed in order to make an important deadline; and because my typing teacher thought that because I was making "A's" in all my other classes, I was deliberately making "C's" in typing just to mock her (I was just really bad at typing: if I'd wanted to mock her, I wouldn't have been anywhere near that subtle about it). And she had to take me to the Emergency room twice - when I gashed my arm open on an (unsafe) amusement park ride at the beginning of the year, and when I broke my arm roller skating near the end of the year. I kept my poor Mom so busy patching me up and keeping me from getting kicked out of school that she didn't have time to worry about whether I was depressed or emotional - I'm not really recommending that you go get in a bicycle accident or start falling out of trees or anything, but - - - if you've ever wanted to start playing field hockey, this might be a good time. (jk :) (Well, "jk" unless you really do want to play field hockey. :) (And as far as grammar goes - just save 4th and 6th paragraphs in this reply for when your English teacher wants examples "run-on sentences." :)
i.f. dont av to b vizual - they cn b audio as wel shes not brokken - just uses er hed difrently yur ma shud tek psych clas - wud enjy it f8k grammer too m8 !
Of course not. There's no right or wrong about it. I only recommend you seek help if this is impairing your ability to work/sleep/function, etc.
jtobako8 years ago
Only the ones NOT caused by schizophrenic hallucinations are real. And schizophrenia is hereditary, so it's your mother's fault ; )
Gorfram8 years ago
I wanted an imaginary friend when I was younger, but I never had one.
(I could pretend that I had an imaginary friend, but that wasn't the same.)

In a way, I think that might mean that they are real - most things that you can get simply by wanting them (like daydreams or castles in the air) aren't real, while things that you can't get just by wanting them (even intangible things, like popularity or being good at math) are real.

I agree with Re-design: if an imaginary friend isn't taking over from all your other friends, and you aren't using him or her as a scapegoat, well - don't we all need all the friends we can get? :)
Kiteman8 years ago
(Nobody else has asked - are we talking about your children, a friend's child, yourself, general interest or research for a piece of homework?)
lemonie8 years ago
Yes L
frollard8 years ago
They're real to the observer :S There is a lot of debate about if they are helpful or harmful. Freud had a lot to say about that sort of stuff. It's hard to be objective about it because every instance is different. When you can't get rid of those 'friends' a psychiatrist/psychologist would suggest you are schizophrenic (disconnected from reality).
VIRON frollard8 years ago
Imaginary friend is not the same as hearing voices but more like a little girl having a tea party with her dolls and pretending a conversation and not even having any real tea. Hearing voices is like arguing with demons with someone's own thoughts about whether or not to be violent against someone because they make up some story about that person being too evil to live and that person's mind is so sick it can't even imagine that they aren't real and that it is a sick mind that hears and believes voices. If they are a little bit sane they may think the voices are being transmitted by radio by a top secret agency (google KENNETH WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY) and they may try to keep them out by shielding their brain with a tinfoil hat. It would be an interesting paranormal phenomenon if tinfoil hats actually work for such people, but there are antipsychotic drugs that do stop compelling voice hallucinations and other symptoms of severe mental illness.
Re-design8 years ago
The exist as much as the characters of fiction books or TV programs and music. When I read a book those characters are very real to me, I am low when they are sad and I'm happy when they are up. When I watch TV those characters are real to me and I'm one of them. I still can't hear "Puff the Magic Dragon" on the radio with out tearing up. I feel so sorry for the dragon waiting for the boy to return. He's real to me. Thank goodness the singer who sang that song in the 60's finally wrote a song about how the boy brings his daughter to meet the dragon. As long as you don't use your imaginary friends as blame for your bad conduct or eliminate your other friends there is nothing wrong with having friends that we can't see.
rybubbles8 years ago
if you think about them being around you then yes imaginary friends do exist cause its your imagination... no one can change that.