Do Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries make a quiet popping sound when recharging?

       I am recharging my Ni-MH batteries today (Wii-motes eat them up fast!) and I was wondering if it is normal to hear a quiet popping noise coming from the batteries? it sounds like tiny bubbles popping--very similar to the sound carbonated drinks make after being poured out of the original container.
        I believe this noise is a result of the reversing chemical reaction being created inside the battery. the batteries shown below are my exact brand and model.

        Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon? If so, do you think it is normal? Leave your thoughts, comments, and otherwise below!      =D

Picture of Do Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries make a quiet popping sound when recharging?
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verence6 years ago

Never heard any sound when loading a Ni-MH.
(Except from the high pitch hiss of the switched power supply o the charger)

Keep the batteries under close control and keep them away from inflammable materials while loading. I know, this might seem paranoid, but the stuff in this batteries is nasty.

Do the batteries get unusually warm? Do the get thicker, like bulging up? - Throw them away.

Just play it save. A batch of new batteries / a new charger is probably a hundred thousand times cheaper than your / your parents / whoever's house.
jensenr30 (author)  verence6 years ago
they don't expand. they get warm/hot but they don't burn or even hurt skin.
I COULD imagine you could hear something, but I'm not sure its normal. Are you sure that they aren't getting hot ?? Have you heard it on a previous charge cycle ?

jensenr30 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
They are getting warm/hot but they don't burn skin. I have not heard it on previous cycles, but the only reason I heard it this time was because my room was EXTREMELY quiet.
Re-design6 years ago
I've never noticed that before on mine.

Are you using a charger listed for Ni-MH batteries? If not then you may be overheating them.
jensenr30 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
They are heating up, but never to the point of burning skin. Yes I am using a charger for Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries.
Thank you for your answer!
caarntedd6 years ago