Do colors matter when connecting with wires?

hi guys,

i am trying to make a simple prototype of an mp3 player ( ) but i noticed that when testing the arduino board they use multiple colors of wires. Do the colors hold any significance when testing?

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kaycstevens (author) 4 years ago
thank you for all of the great responses on this topic! it really helped me out
rickharris4 years ago
Black Negative Red positive supply other then that not really.
When I first started in computing the mainframe back pnl was totally wire wrapped in pink wire, thousands of feet of it.
We do that too. There's no meaningful way to use colour to represent function when you have 1000 functions.. so we put numbers on each wire by hand.
Yes the wire color is important If you want to track what does what these are some standard wire color codes.
Black for common or negative
Red for positive or +5 volts
Orange + 3.3 volts
Yellow + 12 volts
Blue - 12 Volts
White data - and sometimes - 5 volts
Green data +
Other than these internal wiring of electronics.

In house wiring
Common is always white
Power 1 is black
Power 2 is red
Ground is bare or green
In Canadian house wiring that may be the convention, in the UK its Brown for live, Blue for neutral, black and grey for the other lives, and green/yellow for the earth - -or bare.

Whilst black is pretty normally used for the OV reference line, the rest are not "standard" in any real sense as far as I know. At work, red is always +12 or +15, orange is 5V, violet is -12 or -15, Yellow are low voltage AC, Yellow/black is 240V, yellow black is 240V neutral.
You are right I should have mentioned different places different wire color codes and standards.

For instance house mains here is 220 volts 200 amp service110 volts 15 amps at a standard outlet.
iceng4 years ago
Take great care ... in every US House wiring
  • Black is the electrical Hot Danger wire !
  • White is the Neutral ( so called Safe ) wire
  • Green is the Safety Grounded wire.
  • Red can be another Hot wirA
Kiteman4 years ago
Only to help you keep track of what goes where. Inside the insulation, wire is wire.
foxwoodfarm4 years ago
As long as the wire size (gauge) is the same the colors are used to make it easier to trace which wire goes where. All the wires could be the same color but it would be very confusing to work with