Do different AVR microcontrollers have different ISP pins?

I am building an avr programmer shield for an Arduino. I need to know if all 8 pin/14 pin/20 pin/28 pin/40 pin avrs have the isp pins in the same spot. In other words, is every 8 pin avr going to have it's isp pins on the same 4 pins, or are there variations?

gmoon6 years ago
From this website:

"Many but not all of the AVR devices in a given package (e.g., DIP-8) share the same ISP connector pinouts, so these target boards can sometimes (with caution) even be used for different AVR microcontrollers."

I suggest you look at the documentation for the STK500 and the Dragon programmers (both made by Atmel), and see if there are any "special notes" for specific uCs. In all likelihood, most should be consistent regarding the ISP pinouts.

Otherwise, you'll have to plow through the datasheets individually. A lengthy task, but not terribly difficult...
Teslaling (author)  gmoon6 years ago
Thank you so much. I checked out the stk500 documentation, all of the most common AVRs have consistent isp pins. It seems that only the most obscure or some old chips have different isp pins.
Teslaling (author)  Teslaling6 years ago
And for the most part, I won't be using any of them.
gmoon Teslaling6 years ago
You're very welcome. Good luck with the project.

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