Do elective courses matter in universities?

I am going to university this fall and my major is economics.
I have a lot of options for elective courses for the first year, like geography, math and psychology. I wonder does it really matter what elective course I take in university? Will companies focus on elective courses when they interview people? Or they only look at your major?

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Kiteman5 years ago
Short answer : Yes.

Longer answer: whatever job you go for, you need something to make you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants with identical majors.

Pick electives that interest you, that complement your major, or contrast sharply.

Plus, you ought to remember your extra curricular activities. They should be things you enjoy, but do your best to be more involved than you might otherwise be. If you're playing frisbee, try and captain the team. If you like sketching, then keep a "design portfolio" you can show at interview.

Even your instructables activities are a bonus - there are several members (including me) who found that being active here was the swinging point for getting a job.

Like i said but didn't elaborate: Many jobs these days just throw away your resume if it doesn't have a degree...the rest is just icing.
Newspaper headlines at the weekend in the UK

"Graduates in cleaning and low pay jobs increase by (can't remember the number - call it) 25%"

canucksgirl5 years ago
Electives can be an asset in a number of ways. Taking a language course could give you an edge working with a company that deals with clients in other countries. Business classes, communications classes or additional math classes all have a way of enhancing a major in economics. Electives can also be the stepping stones to other interests, or prerequisites to other courses. So, if you're unsure as to what you should take, speak to a student advisor who can give you all your options and some advice. What an employer will focus on will depend on their expectations and how a prospective employee can fit with their needs. Looking at job postings or enquiring with the human resources dept of a company that you'd like to work for should give you more insight as well.
frollard5 years ago
In a world where you and every other applicant for a job have the same qualifications the job will go to those who stand out; you want to be well rounded if that makes sense. Your major is definitely the biggest influence but when you think there will be thousands of graduates at the same time as you with the exact same major qualification...