Do i need a charger for a gameboy advance?

i saw one for sale on the internet for sale but it doesnt have a charger and i dont want to buy a seperate charger. also if it does need a charger could i somehow hack it to fit standard batterys?

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Prodigity8 years ago
The GBA charger is rated for 5.2V~320mA, so I presume it could work with 4 AAA batteries in series.. this also means you would need to connect a resistor of about R = V / I = 4.8 / 0.320 = 15 Ohm

Double check with someone else to see if my calculations are correct though
(I'm also presuming here that the GBA would also work with 4.8 instead of 5.2)
thecookiemonster (author)  Prodigity8 years ago
thanks for taking the time to reply!!!
Furthermore this should be then connected to the charger port, with the - being on the left and the + on the right when looking at the port..
Look You need one. My brother had one but now he has a psp. You can buy it separated or with it. Go to Gamestop, Radio Shack, Best Buy,Toys r us or any other place. The 4 that I named are the best. Good Luck.
AndyGadget8 years ago
Whooo careful! You may have trouble connecting to the power port. Looking at my son's GBA it uses a strange connector - not a standard USB. Iy will be tricky getting leads attached to it without the proper part.