Do people all like tall girls?

I am not tall,only 155cm. I am pretty, but i am not confident when i am with the tall girls. Is it a truth that all people like tall girls? Please help me.

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orksecurity7 years ago
The moment you say "all people like", it's immediately false. (Well, unless we're talking about something like breathing.) Most people don't care all that much. Of those who do care, I suspect the preference is distributed fairly evenly across the spectrum. There's a slight social bias for guys expecting girls to be shorter than them (after age 15 or so). So being short might actually be an advantage in some cases. Seriously, don't worry about it.
rickharris7 years ago
Be confident. i am 6 foot 3, my wife is 5 foot (190cm and 152cm) my daughter is 6 foot 1 inch (185 cm) her husband is 5 foot 9 inch (175 cm) No problems all round. Personally I am attracted by personality and character rather than physical issues. The younger you are the more physical things seem important - as you get older you realise they aren't as important as all that. Show an interest in others, be confident and have a be nice policy and you get by OK. :-)
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lemonie7 years ago

But "Farmer's daughter" can appeal to some people, as "Rich model" does. Mind, for model-types you need to be rich yourself, tall doesn't matter..


Habadasher7 years ago
Actually, I find that men seem to like women slightly shorter than they are and vice versa. A quick google search turned up this backing up that idea but I do agree with the general consensus here that your physical features is relatively unimportant and plenty of people will find you attractive regardless.
Re-design7 years ago
I like girls of all sizes!
.  I like girls of all sizes!
tomtomtom557 years ago
Magazines, TV shows, and movies constantly tell women that they're too fat, too short, or too.... anything. This creates a culture of insecurity, which they use to sell magazines that offer ways to "fix" their problems, cosmetics, diets, exercise plans, etc. Don't let it get to you - most people don't expect you to look like a fashion model, and you can do without the ones who DO. A lot of men will not date a woman who is taller than him, and vice versa. I thought this was solely a male-insecurity issue until I dated a woman who was a bit taller than me. Strangers would shout mean-spirited comments to us when we were out in public. The things that other women said to my girlfriend were particularly cruel. That being said, I must admit I like tall girls. I also like short girls, "average-sized" girls, and girls that are my size.
Jorsher7 years ago
Short girls are the best. But really, height doesn't matter too much. I remember reading that most males prefer a shorter companion, though, and I'm the same way.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  I can't think of anything that all people like (or dislike). As caarntedd points out, some ppl like 'em tall, some like 'em short, and most don't really care.
The only thing 'all' people like is me... :D
caarntedd7 years ago
You say your pretty? There are plenty of guys (and girls) out there that will agree with you.
Do people like tall girls? Sure they do. Some like tall, some like short, thin fat, young, old, black, white, grey ............but most people don't care what you look like.

Be happy with who you are, be confident and believe in yourself. The rest will fall into place.