Do pro members are the only to get their instructables featured??

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In a way yes. When your instructable is featured you get free pro membership time. So in essence you become a pro member. Therfore all fetured instructable members are pro members.


No. You get a free membership if you get an featured project. It just depends if people like this project or not.

seamster3 years ago

Anyone can have their instructables featured, but it depends solely on the quality of the content. Please see this forum post for more information:

second semester, After I read that guide my Instructables faired much better. (Look at the diffrence between my fume hood and Mjolinir's Cradle.) Be sure to get a nice cover shot, Prefribly on some white office paper with no distractions in the background. Hope this helps !

rickharris3 years ago

Just needs to be good enough and popular - Advantage is you will be offered a free pro membership if you get featured.