Do sights for high powered K'NEX guns even work?

Alot of K'NEX guns use "sights" to improve accuracy. Thing is, they never work because the gun is usually weak and not accurate. are they mostly for decoration or do they have a purpose?

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TigerNod8 years ago
Ok, so this is a difficult question to answer. So I'm gonna use this simple diagram I made in paint and a huge wall of text to help you out. In the first image (marked by a 1) you see why iron sights dont work with knex. You will need a very powerful gun or you need to fire it at a very short range if you ever want an iron sight like on a real firearm to work with knex. And on very short ranges, well, you can also just point it towards your target. On longer ranges an iron sight seems only useful as decoration.

Or maybe not? Look at the second image marked by a 2. On the left side, we are using a real gun with an iron sight. On the right, we are using the same gun but we simply ignore the iron sight. The circle is the target, the red rectangle is the bullet. As you can see, on the left side the bullet was waaaay off target. This also works with knex.

So, yeah, iron sights do have a function, even though it is just a very minor one. Before I end my comment with this, take a look at image 3.

On the third image is a perfect knex iron sight. The back side is much higher then the front side. This means you will have to hold the gun upwards a little (unless you are firing at a target below) And as you can see, this one is a hit! This idea is also used in real life on grenade launchers, mortars, and some sniper rifles. The problem with this is that it takes some math to calculate on which angle the sights need to be.

Allright, I hope this helps!
How iron sights work.bmp
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NYPA (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
People should think that this is weird but that is easily understandable!
TigerNod NYPA8 years ago
Oh, thanks for selecting me as best answer.
i know this is late but i'll try and work out a system that moves the back iron sight up and down based on 90 degree(straight) firing and how far your target is
Cool! Would you please send me a message when you are ready? I am interested in this.
I'm doing a few ibles right now and I thought about how hard the system would be to make so it would take a long time if I ever try it
Logic Boy has made something simmilar on his illogic bow. The problem is, knex guns are just not accurate enough for such kind of sights.
not really an answer but I find that the optics on my fssr are really accurate at short distances.
thats why it doesn't work, the point was tto shoot far and be accurate to the point you can get a head shot aiming from the sights
by short distances I mean up to 10 meters, it has really good iron sights
An Villain8 years ago
any ratchet type gun (sipriani rifle, Sniper Pistol v5 etc.) use "tippet" sights where the tip of the ratchet and the tip of the ammo provide crude sights that work well. other sights on most guns are just for decoration but tye Y.A.K.G. uses a laser that works nicely.
coreyt8 years ago
They are mostly for decoration and to make a gun look more real i have yet to come across a set of sights that will work effectively only some iron sights work ok like dj said
DJ Radio8 years ago
The only sights that truly work are ironsights found on some better knex guns.