Do these look like bad capacitors?

Trying to fix a plasma screen tv and every cap looks fine to me but these. Are these bad or not? the tops are very puffy

Picture of Do these look like bad capacitors?
artworker3 years ago

Smell them! Blown capacitors smell peculiar!


petercd3 years ago

Bulging = bad

Those look like the 105 degree C rated, not the lower 85 C light blue ones which wont last long in that application.

I think the fancy low esr types are tan in color, but check to see if they have "low esr" written on the sides anywhere, you will need the same for replacement.

So basically same voltage, same temp or higher and same uF rating for replacement.

RavensCraft3 years ago

Yes indeed. You need to replace with capacitors of the same voltage, heat,
and capacitance rating. Also they have polarity, so install them with the
negative side facing the same position as the bad caps.

Capacitor Plague Article at Wikipedia.