Do they sell push button grill lighters at lowes/home depot?


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frollard8 years ago
They sell both piezo-kinetic ones and battery powered sparkers.  Yes.  I have bought them to make potato guns.
lemonie8 years ago
Can you find Lowes / Home Depot in the phone book / on the internet?

jeff-o8 years ago
Yes, probably.
Re-design8 years ago
I'd either call them direct, go and ask an associate or at least look at their stock on the internet.

I know they have them but I don't know if they are in stock right now.
orksecurity8 years ago
Do you mean handheld, or the version which installs into a panel on the grill?

For the latter, I'd try contacting the manufacturer and asking where youcan buy replacement parts locally, or if you can mail-order from somewhere.