Do you get more power from an engine with 2 cylinders and a displacement of 650, or 4 cyl and the same displacement?

Kinda speaks for itself... I know the 4 cyl is smoother...

ejp10878 years ago
I'm pretty sure 4 cylinder engines will have more horsepower for a given displacement, but I can't remember why. Here's a good link I found that might better explain the answer to your question.
thebair7 years ago
I say 4-cylender would do because one piston ignites and then the next..... The 2 cylender will have more trouble makeing cycles on rough ground
general zee8 years ago
4 cylinder will have more for two reasons, higher top speed, and more cylinders.
Horsepower is not everything. Don't forget torque and max engine revs. All are varied by displacement and number of cylinders. Basically, a bigger cylinder means more reciprocating mass which makes for a lower max engine RPM. Probably a bunch of torque on your low end with a 2 cyl but no top end. I could be wrong.