Do you get paid to upload a "How To"?

I am going to make a "project" and I am wondering if you get paid to upload it.

Jayefuu2 years ago
frollard2 years ago
You don't get paid by instructables, but if you post QUALITY content that will get featured, you get free pro membership, which is like money :)

Kipkay is a very good example of being paid to upload; he makes instructional videos (and associated ibles) --then posts them to youtube, vimeo, etc. Youtube pays based on advertisement impressions - but it's not a lot (per view). You need to be generating tens of thousands of hits to see any return. The paid uploader versions of these are by invite only - you have to post somewhat unique, QUALITY content before they will invite you.

I'm a youtube partner and have paid videos. The terms of service prevent me from divulging any details about the money involved - but let's just say I'm not going to retire on it...ever. I was invited after I had about 50 videos up and totaled about 200,000 views.
iceng frollard2 years ago
I have had a hellacious time making a vids for ibles with my iPhone through you-tube, took days of frustration for just a bit of content..

What could you recommend as hardware and or software  to make
reasonably nice videos.
frollard iceng2 years ago
Either windows movie maker, or imovie are the obvious free choices -- shooting for less editing later/one take makes things a lot easier (just jump cut through any unnecessary stuff). Extreme example is my ible about changing a light bulb.

I use movie maker live the free video Ed that comes with windows.

For a camera I use my digital camera that is capable of 1020P video.

A tripod is almost essential.