Do you have any modifications for the nerf gun called'maverick Rev-6?

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Henry Jones3 years ago

there are lots of them. I actually did the "Russian Roulette" mod last night

lizbryant885 years ago
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Just search up rev6 mavrick mods on nerf haven. But you could look on instructables too although youl find mostly air restictor mods.
cupcake437 years ago
try nerfhaven
Iridium77 years ago
 I go here:
they have hundreds of mods for all sorts of air powered guns.
it is all organized alphabetically and is updated constantly.
Nerfgenius8 years ago
You can search 'nerf maverick mod' on Instructables, nerfhaven, or more nerf related websites
u could remove the little air repressive thingy
Tom Sawyer8 years ago
ya, there are mods for the maverick cs-6. instead of telling you and risk confusion, just go to you tube, type in maverick gun mod,enter, and watch the shortest video they got about modding the maverick. p.s., i` ve already modded three of the mavericks.
hg3418 years ago