Do you know what this is? I think it's an old tool of sorts.

 Any idea what the tool (I think it's a tool) is below? 95% of it is rounded..towards the bottom, where the fingers are it starts becoming 2 sided (very slow transition). It's about 18" in length and 6" diameter at top. It was found on an old farm in up state NY.

Picture of Do you know what this is? I think it's an old tool of sorts.
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rickharris4 months ago

Looks like what a sailor would call a marlin spike - often used to help splice ropes together.


Alternatively it may be a pin to hold rigging or ropes at the side of a tall ship.


joseph.walsh1234 (author)  rickharris4 months ago

Rick, certainly does resemble a Marlin spike. Thank you. I'm pretty conivced it's a marlin spike (known as a fid). Unless someone else can think otherwise


I guess farmers might have splice4d ropes as well in

bygone days .

It certainly looks like a fid (wood).. A marlin spike is the metal version. The oddity is the notched tip. Maybe they not only used it to open up the rope but also to double a line over the tip to push it through the opening.

iceng rickharris4 months ago