Do you need antivirus software for PS3?

I recently got a PS3 and I was wondering if I need to install some form of antivirus on it. It is a black slimline 120GB version just incase that makes any difference

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R055_288 years ago
The PS3 is designed to be a plug and play device, such as you never need to worry about security and viruses.
Whilst it is not impossible for the PS3 to get a virus and even is you wanted to install an anti-virus, which you do not need to do, you would find it extremely difficult  to do so, even if you were a programming expert.
lala127 years ago
Hi! i'm not so sure if you must install an antivirus, maybe not, but if it's necessary i can recommend you something good. I use it and for me it's not so important that it's not the newest version. I like it becouse it seems to be the best from all in computer's safety
lemonie8 years ago
Black slimline you say? I'd strongly recommend Sony Antivirus Pro if you've got a black slimline one - it's a popular target for PS3 viruses...

Jayefuu lemonie8 years ago
You forgot the obligatory [/sarcasm]. Bad Lemonie.
lemonie Jayefuu8 years ago
I'm one of those people who view sarcasm in the British style: subtle. You got it, I didn't need to advertise it.

Oh, sure... you can get away with unlabeled sarcasm with no problem whatsoever, but every time I forget to put a smiley after a joke it gets taken seriously, and I get in trouble for being "mean". It ain't fair, I tell ya....
Yes, if you're accustomed to sit-com actors metaphorically shouting "hey look everybody I'm delivering a wise-crack here", the finer points of humour are lost on people...

Indeed. When I'm feeling charitable I attribute the phenomenon to the text-only format and the pursuant loss of subtle cues. When I'm feeling less than charitable (which is the case more often than not) I attribute it to the inevitable devolution of the human animal, specifically in the areas of mental capacity, analytical ability and basic common sense. One need only ride public transportation to observe this in the field.
I do ride public transport, but it's when I get to work people seem to get worse...

But enough about upper management....
travw lemonie8 years ago
That's the only way it's funny in my opinion. ;)