Do you pay the author for a submitted instructable? hack-n-mod will pay for a submission?


mathews8 years ago
If its good enough to make money from, why do you not make many and sell the item?
NachoMahma8 years ago
. The short answer is no. See the other comments for why.
Kiteman8 years ago
If you are submitting instructables purely for profit, then you are not a Maker.
First of all, you design it; you own it. (see 7c and 7d)

  • If your projects are any good, you might gain a reputation for coolness.
  • If you gain a reputation for coolness, you may get asked to an interview with a cool company.
  • If you get asked to an interview with a cool company, you may get hired.
  • If you get hired, you may do cool things for the company.
  • If you do cool things for the company, you may get promoted.
  • If you get promoted, you may get a giant paycheck.
So yes, a submitted instructable may lead to you having lots of money. Then again, it might not.