Do you think it is possible to make a homemade kite big enough to be able to lift you of the ground.?

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blkhawk6 years ago
If you read and investigate a little more you could answer that question yourself. Because gliders have been around for over a century. Someone that, experimented with many gliders, was a pioneer Otto Lilienthal.
Kiteman6 years ago


For straight lifting, I would recommend a Cody or Bell tetrahedral system for a home-built lift.

Please be aware that kite lines on large kites can easily cut to the bone, and the first deaths in the aircraft industry were of kite-flyers being dropped from the sky.

amelaboy (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks for the warning. Ha ha. Forgot about that. Also, I was wondering if there was way to build something like this. Thanks
rickharris6 years ago
Indeed it has been done many times before.

If you decide to ty consider the safety aspects though!  Falling from many feet high hurts!.

Materials need to be light and strong hence the modern tendency to go for para wing type aerofoils.
ever heard of kiteboarding?
if you jump off the ground and pull hard on the kite it will lift you off the ground and so long as you dont slow down, or lower your leggs (same rules as on a swing), youll keep going up until your above the draft .
its the funnest thing ever
lemonie6 years ago
Of course it is. It would need to be at least 10 meters wide and have some method of getting it up there running with it won't do, maybe some kind of a cannon.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Yes
Re-design6 years ago
Sure, but once you get off the ground you will have no control. Picture yourself bouncing off the neighbors houses.
R.A.T.M6 years ago
well what matrials do you have and if you have some of the right ones yes
anything is possible!