Do you think my advertisement looks good?

I just posted and advertisement to sell my brand new never been used Dell Standard Keyboard on Kijiji. It can be found here:
Please I need a critique of it. Should I add anything and how about the price? Is it reasonable?


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lemonie5 years ago
I have one at work, it's a cheap-keyboard don't worry too much.

If you are concerned: "Windows 7 compatible" is marketing-bollacks; why would Windows 7 require people upgrade their keyboards?
Use "USB keyboard" or word the whole thing as "Dell USB keyboard, Soft and Silent keys, unused."
Have you got a box?


solarblade90 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Wait...Do you mean use ,"Dell USB keyboard, Soft and Silent keys, unused," as the title or in the description?
Also, the keyboard came with my new computer so it doesn't have an individual box.....Just one huge one for all the PC parts.
Finally, what do you think of this idea: If someone buys it, I'll attach a little paper saying thanks for your purchase ETC. and then ask them to email me feedback they have (ex. how the service was, the product worked).


P.S. Should I put a money back guarantee?
At that price it's not worth a lot of effort. 10x the price you would do well as you suggest.

canucksgirl5 years ago
Its not an expensive product, so aside from a photo, you really don't need to say a whole lot. The title is fine as is. Just keep the description simple. Brand new, came with PC, never used. USB connection. - That should be enough.

Also, if that's your home address, I would suggest you remove it. You really don't want a bunch of weirdos knowing where you live... Your better off making a sale in a public place.
iproberry15 years ago
yes that's good,you can clearly what it looks like and yeah....
I have a keyboard like that somewhere...the key's aren't the most silent keys though-