Does Anyone know how to make a MicroSD USB adaptor for the R4 Card I lost mine in the water and cant get it back thank u


I lost my R4 MicroSD USB adaptor for the R4 Card in the water and i cant get it back and i dont want  to buy another one is there a way you can edit a USB so it can read a 4GB MicroSD Card



nickodemus7 years ago
Here's a USB to microSD on Ebay. I think you can get a microSD to SD adapter at Wal-mart, but you'll be paying more for it. You can buy almost any sort of adapter from China on Ebay (if you don't need it soon, free shipping isn't fast) for a few dollars.
GASSYPOOTS5 years ago
like one where you dont have to disconnect your r4's(in my case i want acekard) sd to transfer files
fdamscin6 years ago
yokozuna7 years ago
You can easily buy them online for under $5, which is far cheaper than buying the parts and building your own would be.  If you fished it out of the water, maybe this can assist you in fixing it.