Does Autodesk Fusion 360 ever break their "student" rules?

On the Autodesk Fusion 360, would they accept a self taught lifetime learner? I taught myself how to program in basic (30 years ago.LOL) I'm a bit out of touch now, but it taught me how to figure a lot of code when necessary. I also taught myself to code for a website - until they stopped using most html. I just like learning new things. I don't know for sure that I'll want this yet, but if I get highly inspired to try to make some that takes me more than 30 days, do you think they'd help out a 71 year old lady?

steve126 months ago

That's the best part of Fusion 360, it stays free for hobbyists, even people making a small income using it. You are only required to pay for the program if you use it professionally and earn more than a certain amount per year using it.

LindaS402 (author)  steve126 months ago

Thank you so much! I missed that in the description. - says the little old lady. LOL :)

steve12 LindaS4026 months ago

Your welcome, I'm not that far behind you in years, and I strongly believe you should learn something new every day. The people that stop learning are the old ones. My ex partner was in her 70's when she broke her toe learning to skateboard, and at close to 90 she used to help little old ladies of 70 do the gardening.

Lovetra steve126 months ago

I am 80 and had a garage that was leaning due to termites and dry rot. Not having a lot of money

but lots of materials and several bottle jacks I taught two teenage boys to help me jack up the one wall 26' long. The drop was between 4 and 4 1/2 inches. It is now plumb, level, straight, sturdy and passed code. CODE Some folks say not too bad for a young old lady. You learn to do what you have to do.