Does Duct Tape really de-magnetize the magnetic strip on credit/gift cards?

I have a Duck tape wallet, and this is constantly a worry for me... I'm solving this by putting Business Cards behind all my cards with magnetic strips, is this necessary?

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Moreover, credit card strips are nearly impossible to demagnetize, even if you are actually trying to do so. (Which is not to say that you should stick it to the fridge on a regular basis, only that you shouldn't lose sleep over the possibility of an accident.)
toogers8 years ago
if you're REALLY parinoid, get an RFID blocking wallet. it should keep out magetic feilds.
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Furloy8 years ago
Matt214978 years ago
No because I have a duck tape wallet and the tape didnt demagnetize my gift card
ryugatana8 years ago
No worries.
Kiteman8 years ago
Duct tape will only damage the strips if you stick it to the strip and then peel it off quickly.
goodgnus8 years ago
Duct tape has no magnetic properties. Your cards are safe.