Does Rippin Rocket tubing work on orange tabbed connectors?

Does the Red Rippin Rocket Tubing work on Tabbed orange connectors?

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Yes, but it is a little bit thicker.
MegaMetal8 (author)  Purple Waffles7 years ago
Ok, Will it still roll smooth and fast though?
MegaMetal8 (author)  Purple Waffles7 years ago
kk you get BA
RNB7 years ago
Yep, it works better then the orange track. It attach much better, easier, and it stays better at that place. It goes a bit slower then the orange track, but that's only a bit.
MegaMetal8 (author)  RNB7 years ago
Oh well as long as it's still quite fast
ya, but the rippin roket tubing curves after a lot of use.
MegaMetal8 (author)  DELETED_storm3917 years ago