Does a computer absolutly need RAM to work? Any ideas to save power on a motherboard?

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kirdaiht7 years ago
even if it was possible to use a part of the harddisk for ram, you would not even want to do this. ram is a few dozen times faster then a harddrive. using the harddrive for ram ( which MIGHT be possible, if you could somehow trick your computer into thinking that part is ram memory, aka swap file. This would probably require you to build your own bios/operatingsystem/both), would make your computer way to slow to do anything. 
RAM memory also is one of the least of your conserns if you want to save power. you should start looking at the efficiency of your PSU, If you have a cheap one with < 80% efficiency you might want to replace it with a more expensive high efficiency one ( > 90 %)  . You could also look for some programs which automaticly underclock the processor or disable cores when it isn't fully used, remove your graphics and sound cards ( if you have a graphics/soundcard on your motherboard).
BlueS23 years ago

no not really you should sell yours to a petting zoo

BlueS23 years ago

no your pet ram absoutly needs a computer how else would he be able to be productive

lemonie7 years ago
The most power-hungry bits in the machine are things with heat-sinks & cooling fans on them - what's your problem?

ANDY! (author)  lemonie7 years ago
ya, jus looking to save energy.
lemonie ANDY!7 years ago
You could save some energy with power-management settings, and you could under-clock the board by fiddling the FSB in BIOS. Other than that you'd probably have to spend money, e.g. buy a solid-state hard "drive" - no motor.

Burf7 years ago
You absolutely need some RAM, how much depends on your system requirements.
You can reduce the amount of power needed to make your computer operable by downgrading some of the components; audio and video cards, etc. But why you would want to do that is beyond me. Instead, buy a larger power supply unit and take advantage of your hardware. You can get a 500 watt PSU for around $50 at most any electronics supply company.
R055_287 years ago
 A computer absolutely must have RAM, to store all of the calculations from the CPU. How much RAM you needs, depends on the operating system - Vista recommends at least 1GB for home premium. 
As for power savings, if you have a dedicated graphics card, it will draw vast quantities of power, you could consider replacing it with a much smaller and less power hungry on-board graphics card.