Does any one else live in Iowa?

i am wondering howmany instructable members live in iowa? 

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kelseymh7 years ago
Type iowa inurl:member into the search box. You'll have to count by hand, or estimate from the number of pages of results (20 per page).
THAT'S a great trick, thanks for posting it.
rickharris7 years ago
Loads of people live in Iowa - why do you want to know?
zipzapper859 (author)  rickharris7 years ago
because if any instructable member was close to me, and i needed help on a project, i could maybe talk to him and ask him questions or if there are a lot of people we could have an instructables party
lemonie7 years ago
You'll not get an accurate answer, reporting on members seems to be turned off...
If you start with 1M, split out 580,000 for the US, and cut that down to Iowa you get 5-6 thousand. But it's not very meaningful.