Does any one know how to make a good bunker?

 i want to make a ''bunker'' in a natural part of my town as a place to hide and hang out. if you have any ideas please tell me!

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tmbrwlf677 years ago
If you insist this is your preferred course, my suggestions include ARMY FM21-76, Survival FM5-35(might be wrong nomenclature, can't find mine in the dark) Engineers Field Data. There is another but it's been too long and I've slept since then. In the 21-76 relevant info is about a revetted fox hole. essentially you utilize "brushwood hurdles" to reinforce your walls(filled sand bags are a better choice for a more enduring structure). Be certain to use good sturdy materials  to support the roof (solid rail road ties,6-10 inch logs, 6x6's)use corrugated metal or a sturdy tarp spread across the supports. Since you are not trying to ward off artillery rounds, keep the amount of dirt on top to a minimum(no point borrowing trouble).
Personally, If you're aiming for covert, your biggest challenge is going to be constructing it unnoticed. Good luck
I was close FM 5-34
orksecurity7 years ago
Treehouse is probably easier, safer, and less likely to get you in trouble with whoever owns that land.
That wont really be a problem where i want to make it.
rickharris7 years ago
Whatever you do DON'T just dig a hole and climb in.  Several people a year are killed when the sides collapse.
 I know i was planing on bracing the sides/building real walls
If you are looking at that kind of thing, then Mike Oehler's book "The $50 (and up) underground house" is for you.