Does any one know the recipe for thermite?

I think that thermite is made with aluminum powder and rust powder but im not sure that is the exact recipe and i need to know the ratio.

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chubby84 years ago

its iron oxide and aluminium
i think its 7:3 by volume

If you don't know, iron oxide is rust and the aluminium needs to be a powder or small granules. Just FYI. (Below fwjs28 says where you can get Al powder easy.)
Oh i know, ive just finished a-level chemistry and have seen the thermite reaction peformed a couple times in the lab.
TANZMEISTER4 years ago
Instructables and Google search options are your friend!
zombiefire4 years ago
go to this link
rickharris5 years ago
Yes - but don't
lemonie5 years ago
Yes lots of people know this.

orksecurity5 years ago
fwjs285 years ago
get an etch a sketch and extract the aluminum...thats all the farther im going :)