Does any one know where I can buy Altoids tins from in Australia?

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Tjh66511 months ago

where can I buy altoids can

mroylance4 years ago
I live in adelaide, and i get mine from Blackebys Sweet Shop, im not sure if they are nation wide but im fairly sure they are.
Alternatavely i have seen people selling the empty tins on ebay, prabably only the collectable tins but it's worth a look.
In Sydney, there is a convenience store in Redfern that sells Altoids mints. It is on the corner of Redfern & George Sts. They have all sorts of imported confectionery.
alam65 years ago
If you're in Sydney, there is a store in the Harbourside Shopping Centre.
blade976 years ago
If you live in Melbourne there is a shop at Melbourne Central train station called the original lolly store/shop. If they aren't out on dsplay ask and they should have some.
drun blade975 years ago
where i live Port Maquarie there's a shop called the british lolly shop you can buy altoids from there as well
shrug656 years ago
Just go on Ebay. Lots of people sell multi-packs!
I had the same problem. If you go here
you can order them for 75 cents each plus shipping. With a large order, it works out pretty cheap per tin.
dharakos7 years ago
You can get it online from The Professors Shop -
bellmazza8 years ago
If you're in the Brisbane area, there's a couple of places I know of. In the city downstairs at Central station, there's a lolly shop that sells international lollies, so they should sell altoids; or on the northside, at Chermside shopping centre, near the food court is a lolly shop where I've bought Altoids in the tins just to get the tin. :)
nachobobs8 years ago
Saw some yesterday up in Mt Dandenong near Melbourne at a Sweet Shop. Almost picked some up just to make some cool stuff with, but saw Double dippers instead!
T-K8 years ago
british lolly shop or british candy shop, something or the other. in the city of sydney. look it up on the 'net
T-K8 years ago
Are you in the Sydney area? If so, you can get Altoids in various flavours from the British Lolly Shop or British Candy Shop or something like that, in the city. Search it up on the 'net. I have collected 5 or 6 Altoids tins, and I used one for an iPod charger which doesn't work really well (it drains the iPod's battery if the (V inside the charger has less than five volts).
UziMonkey8 years ago
Add local flavor to your projects, use a tin you can get where you live. Find ebay sellers that will sell internationally. Or buy me some altoids and I'll ship the (empty) tins to you ;)