Does anybody have any suggestions for something to use as an LED diffuser?

Needs to be bigger than a ping pong ball (ideally would be around 3-4 times the size) , but still be and light.... as I have a lot of individual leds to diffuse for a display... cheers.

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kmossman7 years ago
I will try the local Arts & Crafts shops for frosted plastic balls - something akin to patio lights, perhaps?

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davivid (author) 8 years ago
Reckon these might be my best bet:

Just poke the led through the lid. simple.
rickharris8 years ago
Plain ordinary grease proof paper or tracing paper. or even the ping pong ball cut in half. you may b able to find small plastic shot glasses that you can frost with abrasive paper. (sand paper) use a very fine grade.
lemonie8 years ago
Cotton-wool? L
davivid (author)  lemonie8 years ago
that's something i hadn't thought of! this project is outside so will need to be something able to withstand the elements for a few days
lemonie davivid8 years ago
Scrunched plastic? Wouldn't look that good in daylight though. L
davivid (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Prob a little tricky... am dealing with a lot of leds. Someone suggested disposable plastic espresso cups which could work well
lemonie davivid8 years ago
Expanded polystyrene foam is another, but it can be rather messy to shape. L
appolo8 years ago
How about using glass jars! ... you can then use a frosted glass aerosol spray to diffuse the light?
davivid (author)  appolo8 years ago
nice idea! although a little too heavy for this project, could use plastic tubs or bottles instead I guess
finely shredded newspaper?