Does anybody know how to fix a nerf maverick?

I had just been shooting my nerf maverick, when it suddenly stoped shoting bullets. I've tried cocking it back but it won"t let me and when I pull the trigger, it just makes a loud bang. I took it apart to see what was wrong, by the way I should'nt have had done that because all the parts sprung all over my floor,But there was nothing wrong. Pls help!


My guess is that somehow the plunger tube got stuck somewhere. Don't worry it's an easy fix. Simply gather up the pieces and put them back in the gun as shown in the picture. The problem should fix itself. After replacing the pieces, put the gun back together, but don't replace the screws just yet! Test fire your gun to see if it works again. If it does, then replace the screws.

If it still doesn't work, feel free to ask me for more help! I'm sure its an easy fix!

But if it is totally broken, a great replacement would be the Nerf Elite Strongarm. Sold at any store such as target, wal-mart, or miejer for only about $12, it is a higher performing gun that is technically a better, more modernized, Maverick.

If you do get it fixed, an easy mod you can do for more power is add five pennies behind the big spring.

I hope this helps! And remember if you need more help, just ask! There's a reason I'm Nerfrocketeer! ;)

Good luck!
MDheliMech4 years ago
I have never taken mine/ my kids mavericks apart. I know there is a ton of stuff out there on the net about it. It seems to be very popular for modding. As much as I don't like giving this answer but google/bing/yahoo or whatever is probably a good start.
buttfacemonkey18 (author)  MDheliMech4 years ago
Thnks but I've tried the internet and all it pops up as is where to buy one and other junk. Thanks though!:P