Does anybody know how to make chalk cloth fabric?

The title says it all!  I am not interested in how to make things out of chalk cloth, just how to make the actual fabric/turn existing fabric into chalk cloth.

Gotzme5 years ago
Yes! I made it with old Village buttermilk Paint! And I made it in different colors!!! Their black is really black if you have noticed how a lot of black paint is not a true black this buttermilk black is black. It is so easy! Get the buttermilk paint colour you want and canvas! Paint both sides of the canvas. One side at a time that is. Being sure to saturate the canvas! Then, when dry, paint the other side. The thicker the canvas the better. What's nice about making your own chalk cloth is that you can cut out shapes before you paint it and then paint it right to the edge. You do not have to fold over the edge because the paint will keep it from unraveling! You can do so much with this! Make place tags, floorcloths, placemats for the kids, stick magnets on the back for the fridge! And I love the different color Old Village has. Old-village.c to find the buttermilk paint colors! I have had so much fun with this!!! Also if you can stencil or paint your own frame or border with the different colors!!!
tking-36 years ago
I want to know this too. I think I will try textile medium mixed with blackboard paint. I will let you know how it turn out.
rickharris6 years ago
The roller chalk boards I have used appear to be a canvass base with some kind of rubberised surface although I bet these days it is a soft plastic.

Tyvek painted with matt black or green latex paint may well be a good substitute.