Does anybody like their food featured in the Instructables Restaurant?

We opened an Instructables restaurant and are looking for great recipes to add to the menu. It comes with full credits to the authors.
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J@50n7 years ago
so are you like asking us for ideas? or like our ibles or what?

im so confused!!
arne hendriks (author) 7 years ago
To clear it up: Yes we are looking for your ideas, your ibles, anything you think might make this a cool thing to do. Not just for us but for others who would like to start a restaurant like this. It's an instructable after all... At the same time we will continue to do it and develop it, possibly including some of the ideas posted here, or found the conventional way on
 what about having some desserts in the Menu
arne hendriks (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Now how do i do that?
Hi Arne.

Instead of just pasting the link as text, click the link symbol in the edit bar. THEN post your link in the edit box that appears, and press OK. The text is now a link.

Look forward to seeing this idea develop !


arne hendriks (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Great, thanks!
 Good luck with your restaurant!  
arne hendriks (author)  cyberpageman7 years ago
Thank you cyberpageman
sockless7 years ago
So is this like a complete brick and mortar store?
arne hendriks (author)  sockless7 years ago
It can be many things. As it is an instructable it takes the shape of the people that actually do it. We have done it in our way and wil develop more things over the next year and hopefully others will also do it.
For some it is just a nice way to create a cool dinner party, for others it could be a real business opportunity.