Does anyone have SOLID information about the Searl Effect Generator?

I have done several searches. It seems to be a closely held data. What I have found is incomplete and sketchy.

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MichaelO2721 month ago

The Searl Effect Generator is almost 6 decades old. If you haven't seen a working model yet, there will probably never be one. He probably got bought out.

rickharris6 years ago
Free energy - No

Pseudo science babble - No

Authentic - No

Anti gravity - No

friction less - No

All round - sorry it's bust no such thing not hidden, not suppressed, just don't work.

If they had anything that worked, they'd patent it so fast you head would spin. If they aren't doing so, that's because it doesn't work.


If they had anything that worked they...

a) ..'d turn it into money and got frivolously rich before you could say 'Searl Effect'

you'd would have heard of that (and have already bought the product)

b) 1) would have been contacted by the oil mafia ..err.... industry, (I wanted to say 'industry'!) and get their mouth stuffed with an even more frivolous amount of money to never speak about their findings


b) 2) 'd been contacted by said interest group and got their bodies stuffed with some high speed lead particles to make sure they never speak about their findings

In case b, you wouldn't have heard about anything...

So, if you hear about it but can't buy a working sample, that's because there is no working sample.

Double. Period.
JayaK18 verence5 months ago

I have closely followed searl's effect generator , it's noticed even Fernando in his experiment doing a mistake, probably sear has not even told him the real secret, but wood brass glass is progressing better than Fernando

ahoilett4 years ago
As soon as you see books but not parts your on to a losser.

Big Business - of course "The Man" would never allow anyone to start flogging this kinda stuff as it would mess up the world economy as we know it (opps to late).

Scam - most likely your never know for sure till your scammed and then maybe not even then.

Low IQ's - Not really you don't have to have a good IQ to come up with a good idea.

Laws of Physics and Such - Well as much as we think such things are firm HISTORY shows we have a habbit of being sure and wrong at the same time. Not to mention if just by some dumb arse luck you happened to discover something truly advanced it could be indistinguishable from magic, to the point of even what you think (the creator) is going on isn't.

Golden Rule - Don't look to get rich, design, test and publish in all detail for free. Change the world rather than your bank balance then maybe people will believe you.
JayaK18 ahoilett5 months ago

how law of physics explain perpetual motion of celestial bodies , if such motion existing , there are chances to replicate small models , question is whether John searl's achieved this phenomenon

JayaK185 months ago

yes contact me

For what I understood, it isn't a perpetual motion machine, it converts electron kinetic energy (from heat) into mechanical energy. The logic assertion is, if you have A kCal of heat in the neodymium core, the machine harvest the kinetic energy in the electrons and converts it to B Watts of mechanical energy, that does not violate any physics principle.
And is not "free energy", if someone make the thing work it would generate a certain amount of power as long as the opposing torque (load) equilibrate the torque created by the device. Once the load exceedes the generated power, the machine would loose stability and stop, like any other electric generator.
Maybe is not feasible, maybe it is inefficient, but it is an interesting idea (at least it would make a great cooling method).

ps: being A > B.

hamed_sxz3 years ago
hamed_sxz3 years ago
hamed_sxz3 years ago


I have done several searches.i don't know how to make generator searls

but i have some clip & documets from the web

if u like all of you and me to share tell me

we have share work and research

fig1a.jpgPrep_illustration_3ring+coils_01.jpgwww searl tripod com.pngseg_craft.jpgseg0neuts.gifSEG1.gifseg1.jpgSEG2boxmag2.gif
mateqf903 years ago
Shinobi9115 years ago
Supposedly a gentleman here in San Diego has an operating model. Don't have the time to check it out but I understand he is selective as to whom he allows to see it.
@iceng, I guess I'm SOL then. ;)
A low IQ on your part might garner you an invite.
Its woo-woo, effectively another perpetual motion machine.
iceng6 years ago
One of these free energy motor generator people setup a demonstration of a small system for 60 people me included looking for deposits to cover semi trailer community power systems. I attended with assurances i could take voltage measurements after the show but I would not be allowed to disconnect wires for placing an ammeter. All agreed to by me....

But then I had a clip-on hall DC current ammeter in my briefcase, which when I set about to clip on caused me to be picked up and removed from the stage in a hurry in front of the local press.


lemonie6 years ago

What SOLID information did you want?
"It's a load of bollacks" is pretty SOLID...

Kiteman6 years ago
Have a chuckle:

It will cost you $50 to see the actual "evidence", though.

Interesting: He called his device a "levity disk". Yes, levity is the semantic opposite of gravity, but the most common meaning of that word is "humor". Makes me wonder whether he's been too clever by half and has unintentionally acknowledged that this is a scam.
Usually peswiki and rexresearch have good coverage of magic magnet motors, and other technologies ignored/ridiculed by mainstream science.

Note: I cannot say whether this SEG actually works or not.  Having never observed one up close, there is no way for me to know.