Does anyone have a link to a nissan nivara (1990) manual?

The studs on my dads nivara have broken, they connect the exhaust manifold to the engine and we need the torque settings to replace them. The truck is 1990 with a td27 engine does anyone have a link to a online manual. Thanks.

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NachoMahma6 years ago
.  If it's an iron block, as tight as you can get them with a 12" long wrench will get you close enough. If you have an aluminum block, keep looking for the specs.
David97 (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
We need the settings so it pulls down straght.
. Your torque wrench will probably be close to the right size, so just take a reading on the first one and duplicate on the rest. Tighten the bolts in steps (snug, pretty tight, real tight). The tightening sequence for just about any similar engine should work.
. It's not the best solution, just an old shade tree mechanics' trick. It will get you back on the road until you can track down the specs.
. You'll be better off to be a little too loose - too tight can warp things. Too loose will just mean a noisy gasket leak.
. Don't even think about trying this on aluminum parts.

. I like steveastrouk's suggestion to just call a Nissan service department and ask. There's a good chance they won't tell you (they make money with that info), but they definitely won't tell you if you don't ask and you might find a friendly service rep.
. Or try an independent garage and ask - they should have a manual.
More than anything, you need EVEN tensioning of the bolts, me, I'd ask the local techs at the dealership - the worst they can do is tell you to clear off.

Or if you can find a suitable candidate, get HER to go to the dealership and ask...One of my staff's girlfriend is an expert at getting free assistance.

Sounds like you need a stud remover first.
David97 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Yep we have one... It broke off in there it took 2 days to get it out.
You have more patience than me ! I'd've had the head off and under spark eroder by now.