Does anyone have a new idea about repurposing an old ceramic toilet. I'm ot interested in another flower planter.

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1. You could remove the sides of the tank with a diamond cutting wheel on an angle grinder, and use the large flat sides as a hone for your knives.

2. use the float ball valve system to release rainwater capture on to your crops. Mount the tank below a cistern.

3. Use the tank as the chimney portion of the rocket stove.

4. The tank could be used as a hopper for adding dry material into a process, such as adding metal pellets to a foundry, or plastic pellets to a 3-D printer.

threeels (author) 2 years ago

Final product. Remove tank from bowl. Plug center hole. Thread PVC and spigot through refill hole and seal with Goop. Fill tank from the top and you have a free-standing hand washing station. What I discovered was that the thread on the original refill unit is specific to flexible hose for toilets. So I couldn't reuse the original refill unit without having to buy a new flexible hose and then adaptors to fit the spigot. Threaded PVC wasn't long enough to protrude through the bottom of the tank. So I used an old, t-shaped piece of PVC, filed down the stem to fit, and sealed gaps with Goop. Not the most elegant solution, but in a non-pressurized water system it does work.


Nice ! hope you took a few Pics while you were making it, would be a good I'ble. Just so happens theres an unusual uses contest coming up :P

threeels (author) 2 years ago

Thanks for all the great answers. I hate to select just one. My preference is a combo answer between reusing the float ball valve system to release water (I'm thinking of using it for an outdoor hand washing station) and making a outdoor seat out of the bowl. A couple of notes: 1) this kind of ceramic won't take heat and will probably explode, so no cool chimney for rocket stove (damn), and 2) it's a repurposed toilet so the fabulous punch bowl is out, except perhaps as a watering station for your dog.

perhaps a light fixture. Remove the bowl from tank, use a diamond cutting wheel to remove superfluous areas, epoxy a socket in place, pull wire, and use the tank mount and floor mount holes to hang it

sixsmith2 years ago

How about a speaker enclosure? just use a TON of loose fiber to absorb the internal sounds.

that does sound pretty cool O.o

Might get some intresing Accustics :D

Yeah. . have you ever seen those big horn style speakers? I can't recall what they are called, but I wonder if a toilet has a proper profile for sound propagation. . sound is a wave, water moves in waves. . ..
Although initial brain picture when I first saw the question was just glue in two half circles under the rim, and affix a circular/oval piece of wood with the speakers mounted in it.

compression drivers :)

I was almost thinking Attaching a small Sub Woofer to the Drain of the toilet and let the sound move through it (like the horn you mentioned). Were you thinking the same thing?


sevinstraus2 years ago

I had a friend who used a clean one as a punch bowl. Sealed off the bottom, filled the bowl and tank with Drink.

He kept a ladle hanging on the rim, and when the punch bowl got low, you just flushed to refill


Apparently your friend found people to drink from it !

I was one of them! He had assured us that it had never been used as an active toilet, only as a punch bowl.

Tip my hat to you !

I sort of assumed that, though it is a disquieting emotion when I imagine being at that bowl party .... And that refill feature is top rate.

You have an interesting friend...

handycrowd2 years ago

For those days when you've just got to go.......


LOL, Best Answer !!!

mail box at the end of the drive way for "junk mail"

tank part could be buried and filled with dirt, then plants like mint won't grow all crazy on you.

5 seconds of entertainment when you push it off something high

Junk mail, ROFL

Totally need to make a Flushing sound :D

mail box at the end of the drive way for "junk mail"

tank part could be buried and filled with dirt, then plants like mint won't grow all crazy on you.

5 seconds of entertainment when you push it off something high

Wired_Mist2 years ago

Fish Tank !

Could always use it as a lawn ornament too ^.^

Kiteman2 years ago


Vyger2 years ago

Drinking fountain

iceng Vyger2 years ago