Does anyone have an EagleCAD library for the 5-pin TO-220 package?

I am designing a PCB in Eagle and but I need to use an IC that is in a 5-pin TO-220 package and Eagle does not have PCB layouts for this.

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Dr.Bill8 years ago does for free.
Dr.Bill Dr.Bill8 years ago
And, its easier.
If you use Eagle take that Component


it has a to-220-5 package

Can't you just design your own ? It'd be quicker....
UbuntuNinja (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
I already tried and failed.  I am a newcomer to EagleCAD and am not skilled at package designing and such.
That's a skill you're going to need if you intend to use any EDA/PCB program for more than a one-off. I'd suggest that you try again. This will be one of the more useful lessons you learn. It's CRITICAL that you learn to make your own schematic and PCB blocks
I can do one, but I don't use EAGLE, what can you accept as import ? DXF ? ODB++ ?