Does anyone have an instructable for DIY "porch potty" for dogs?

A "porch potty" looks like a shower pan inlaid with Astroturf. The commercial version has a pop-up sprinkler head to wash it down and a drain hose in the bottom (or a drain pan). Asking price is about $250!! Help!

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cbahena6 years ago
I found this blog online with instructions, I might try this myself.

Also there is another one on youtube;

Let me know if anyone tries these how well they work for you.
chickchoc (author)  cbahena6 years ago
Thanks for the links! I had thought about the natural sod solution, but I live in Michigan and my 4 small dogs have already turned my back yard into a polka-dotted pooch paradise. Dog urine kills grass and with multiple dogs, I think the sheer volume would be incredibly stinky indoors. How would one clean it up if the dirt was soaked and very heavy? So I don't think much of using natural sod and dirt.

On the other hand, the YouTube video using a plastic grate (as noted in the comments by the author) would be much easier to deal with. I agree that Astroturf or other artificial grass would be attractive to dogs, but again, hosing down a large square of this stuff outdoors in the winter might be problematic for me.

Right now I keep my dogs' kennels in our laundry room, so perhaps I could place the grating in my utility sink for cleaning if I don't get too large a piece.

Anyway, this looks like a winner to me!

Thanks again for your input.

lotalovin8 years ago
I've not used this but have been pondering to get one. With my luck, i'll buy it but Dobie won't use it. Check out: potty patch $39.99 + $12 for s & h. Let me know if you get one and if it works!

Hi, I have Dobie too! Did you ever figure out what works for him? Thanks!

jhardin43 years ago
Has anyone created a SELF CLEANING potty patch/patio potty using DRIP IRRIGATION connected to your AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM? I finally discovered how you can water your potted plants thru those little black tubes connected to the sprinklers, like restaurants do; there HAS to be a way to adapt this to the puppy potty.
The individual parts are dirt cheap at Home Depot/Lowes ($1-$5) & can pump out 0-20 gallons per HOUR (enuf to flood astroturf)
If you haven't seen them in the irrigation/sprinklers isle, it's life changing..otherwise I kill everything-lol. You can do this easy & NOT LOSE your sprinkler, it just diverts a little water to the pots when they run--so cool! FYI you don't need a pressure regulator or a punch for small applications like these. Just need plain ole scissors.
-If you have a pop up sprinkler head, unscrew it & replace it with a riser (about $.65). -Then screw on the 1/2" riser adapter with 1/4" micro drip irrigation ($1.86), -Screw the sprinkler spray head on top (sometimes you can use the one from your popup sprinkler, or the part is about $.60).
-Push the tubes onto the adapter & run the 1/4" tubes to your pots & their sprayer/dripper stakes .
It's such an easy setup, there HAS to be a way to use this for the puppy potty. There are 1/4" & 1/2" tubing parts & various types of drip irrigation sprinklers/sprayers heads...or maybe use without a head & just let the water flow from the 1/4" tube right onto the AstroTurf. Ideas??? I'm creative, but know my limits, so I'm starting with a purchased "potty patch" & plan to adapt it. Now I just need to figure out how??? I'm thinking drill hole in bottom & somehow add 1/2" drain tube, then run a 1/4" tube thru the side for the water to flood it. You can see the drainage hose in the $$$ patio potty to see my goal.
I luv all the creative ideas here; anyone tried this or have input? Tks!!!

OR another style/brand of adapter is "raindrip 1/4 in. Drip Line Tap-Off for 1/2 in. Sprinkler Riser"
Here's the pricey version of drain hole. They use popup sprinklers in theirs.
squishyalt4 years ago - invest a little more time and money for a professional look.
HI i just posted one that i created
kwhite215 years ago
AWESOME! My blog was mentioned in the best answer. I also made a potty patch made from fake grass and you can find those instructions here.

Happy building!
Soltan 20115 years ago
My son took a cat litter box, some perforated hard screen ( like you'd use in a garage floor) and put turf on the top. But you could use a shower pan or whatever you choose. Make it to your preference. ...Because they are deeper you wouldn't have a spillage problem.
tmarch0018 years ago
So here is my 2 cents. My girlfriend and I had been looking around for a answer to the same problem. We wanted to build a "dog litter box" for a while and paying 300 for a porchpotty or even 40 for a seemingly bad and small pottypatch was out of the question. So we went to Home Depot, got two sq. yard of astro turf, some of the really small clamps, they cost 37cents each so you know  which, and a washer tray. To be exact, a washer tray is a 3ft by 3ft plastic tray about 3-4 inches deep. We then went to Walmart, and got a bucket of kitty litter. To set up we empied the kitty litter into the tray and shook it to even it out, next we laid the astro turf over the top and used the clamps to secure the Turf to the try.  At first glance, our dog Killerton, sniffed and took a seat, not sure what to do, We then decided to make him wait untill he had a full bladder and then try again, after some words of encouragement, he let it go! Mission accomplished! total cost was about $40.00
chickchoc (author)  tmarch0017 years ago
What a wonderful solution! I have a couple of questions, though. 1) Was your Astroturf more like indoor/outdoor carpet, i.e. fine texture? 2) Did you need to make drainage holes in the Astroturf? We've been using "training pads" with a plastic holder to keep them flat for a while, but it's really hard with 4 small dogs to change it as frequently as "their majesties" would prefer, so there have been numerous wetting incidents. Thanks for an awesome post!
I have the same problem as I live in Northern Canada. I went to Home Depot, bought a boot tray (which are cheaper at Wal-Mart or Dollarama). Then I bought multi-tile to put on top of the boot tray. Now I need the turf that is not readily available in winter. And the drainage hole will have a mini hose from a fish tank that I no longer use. I'll be posting pictures later when it is all done. Now, training my 6 year old pomchi to use a whole different story!!! good luck to me.
brobie157 years ago
Check out the boot trays at Gardener's Supply. The grates they sell to go in them would raise the turf up from the bottom of the pan. Cover grate with Astro Turf. Be sure and punch holes through the Astro Turf so the pee wil drain
Grady8 years ago
Dogs has their own ideas about these things. Just take a water hose to the porch & to fido's butt.
TMonkey8 years ago
I saw the Porch Potty and the PetAPotty and started wondering if I could make one, preferably cheaper, better and awesomer ;-)... Obviously step 1 was google it and see if anyone else had done it. It seems no one really has.

The way I was thinking about doing it was a combination of the PetAPotty and the Earthtainer The idea would be to adapt the earthtainer to be shorter and grow grass. In addition something to drain the water or at least be able to drain it somewhat then add more water to dilute it... If I ultimately make one it will be on instructables and I'll try to post it here... Any thoughts?
conrad24688 years ago
2 words....LITTER BOX........train your dog to do use that......We put a bell on our door and we didnt even have to show my dog to ring the bell to get out.....I think your dog will learn soon enough....
lemonie8 years ago
What are your thoughts on doing "a shower pan inlaid with Astroturf"? Having sluiced cat-waste down a bath-plug-hole if you're thinking of something indoors why not train your dog to use your bathroom? L
chickchoc (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks for your comment. I hadn't thought of that aspect! I have tiny dogs in a northern Michigan climate, so "going" outside is almost impossible for some months. I had hoped to achieve some kind of better deal than the plastic-under-carpet-scraps we resorted to this winter. When I saw the Porch Potty online, I was intrigued, especially since one model featured a pop-up sprinkler and drain hose to rinse the turf. Solids are easy to dispose of in the toilet, but the odor of urine is just unbearable anymore.
Unattractive as it may be, getting them to use the shower (has it's own sprinkler) bay not be any worse in real terms than any other indoor dog-toilet? L
innov84fun8 years ago
http://www.porchpotty.comI like the idea. But shower pans aren't cheap. They run anywhere from $300 -$800. So even if you did use a shower pan you would be better off just buying the porch potty. It looks like they have a new design now that is custom molded. Definately not an off-the-shelf kind of deal. I'm assuming you are talking about the Porch Potty at

You could always try building a wood box of grass. But I know from experience that it gets messy and heavy.
chickchoc (author)  innov84fun8 years ago
Thanks for your response. Yes, I saw the Porch Potty online, but cringed at the price. I wondered if there was a cheaper way to achieve the same effect. I thought about a wooden frame with pond liner plastic, Astroturf, and a backboard for my boys to aim at, but I'm unsure how to get the proper drainage.